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"Alien Secrets VR360 Experience" Official Selection in FIVARS VR and Augmented Reality Festival October 15 - November 2, 2021. Click image below for more info:

Alien Secrets V360 Promo at FIVARs

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EBE Best Picture Award

First Contact 2023 notification!

Alien Secrets VR 360 web series with Blue Girl (below)
Check out the Alien Secrets VR 360 streaming series with Blue Girl demo (4:30).
An immersive virtual 360 degree experience that you don't need headsets or cardboard goggles. View on youtube and the 360 player either on the PC, laptop, tablet or phone. Hand held devices with the Youtube app allow the audience to pan and tilt around the room and enjoy new worlds and augmented media for the Alien Secrets franchise. A central 3D game/website hosts a Virtual Reality experience as well as thrilling and provocative UFO and paranormal theme content lead by a daring team of paranormal investigators.

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